We've collected over 410,000 plastic bottles from our oceans!

we've collected over 4100kg of plastic from the ocean, which equates to 410,000 plastic bottles. find out more here.

easy returns via our returns portal

easy returns via our returns portal

born 2006 in melbourne, shipping worldwide

born 2006 in melbourne, shipping worldwide

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No, once you ‘log in’ to your account you will be automatically enrolled in the loyalty program.

All the action happens here, make sure you are signed in.


No problem, as long as you use the same email to create the account that you have been using to checkout, points will automatically be back dated.

Yes points are accumulated instore and online. Please make sure you always continue to be signed in and use the same email when checking out.

Yes points can be used instore and online.

Mention your name to one of our team instore and they will apply your points discount to your sale.

Get your discount code from the Benefits page, copy and paste it at checkout or use the slider/dropdown menu at checkout.

1.Head to the benefits page on the app. This can be found in the side menu.
2.Sign in.
3.Scroll down to rewards.
4.Claim Reward.
5.Copy discount code.
6.Close the window.
7.Paste the discount code when checking out.

The most points you can use per purchase is 450 points ($15).

Yes points will expire after 12 months though a new purchase will reset the expiry to a further 12 months from purchase date.

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions. Our online team can be contacted on 1800431325 Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm - Otherwise feel free to email 24/7 - CUSTOMERCARE@BRONZESNAKE.COM